What If?

Have you ever wondered What If?

What if

What if:

  • you woke up each morning and thanked God that you are alive?
  • were thankful for the ‘freezing cold’ winter and the ‘blistering hot’ summer?
  • you quit listening to the lies that say you aren’t worth anything? 
  • you actually believed that you are beautiful?
  • you lived each day as if it was your last day?
  • you treated others like you wanted to be treated?
  • you looked at people through the eyes of God instead of what you can see with your eyes?
  • you loved more?
  • you judged less?
  • you did a random act of kindness to a stranger?
  • you quit worrying so much and trusted God more?
  • God gave us what we deserve?
  • you woke up today with what you thanked God for yesterday?

Thanked God

Just some thoughts worth pondering! 

It kinda has a way of putting things in perspective doesn’t it?

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