What Christmas is Really About

Yes I may be a little behind times but last Christmas is the first time I ever saw this video clip and I loved it!

Why is it that at Christmas time everyone decides to lay their ‘grudges’ against other people down for a day and have a good time as a family, friend, etc and then the day after Christmas we pick up that ‘grudge’ and go right back to living how we were?

This year I wanna try to:

  • remember the real reason for Christmas, that is Jesus coming to earth and being born as a baby.
  • love a little more
  • lay aside grudges, hurts, control, and fear of being hurt again and forgive them completely, choosing to not pick them up again
  • enjoy every moment I have with my loved ones, there are so many hurting and wishing they had one more day
  • make memories

What are some things that you want to do this Christmas to make this a better Christmas and end the year on a better note then it started?

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2 thoughts on “What Christmas is Really About

  1. Great thoughts, Leah. I agree. And for me it is definitely to lay down the idea of perfection and simply focus on the truth, Jesus, and to truly love and cherish famiy.

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