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Photoshoot (3 month)

We had a relaxing weekend and I’m not feeling the greatest today so I am having a lazy Monday too! Finally getting the pictures uploaded from the photoshoot we had with Shania for her 3 month birthday. Did I mention lately she’s amazing?!

She is growing so fast and just last week she started this rocking thing on my lap. She’ll sit there and just rock back and forth and this morning it just hit me how much trust she has in me, she knows I will catch her and keep her from toppling off my lap! Why do I find it so hard to have that kind of trust in God? He is right there and won’t let me down ever! Wow.

So when we were done with the photoshoot Julia had over 300 pictures so I am just showing you a few of the best ones here…

January 2013 027

January 2013 037

January 2013 069Love her lil tongue πŸ˜‰

January 2013 071Such concentration

January 2013 081

January 2013 087

Her chubby lil toes are so adorable!

January 2013 315

January 2013 095

This one should be put in a photo contest πŸ™‚

January 2013 125

Am I really letting them take so many pictures and change my outfit so much?!?!

January 2013 131 - CopyLove, Love her mouth here.

January 2013 167

Bubbles <3

January 2013 223

Fat lil belly

January 2013 232

πŸ™‚ so adorable
January 2013 168

January 2013 246Ok now I’ve had enough of this!

January 2013 142

January 2013 141

January 2013 301

January 2013 349Ahh, I’m in love πŸ™‚ Seriously why can’t photo contests be free to enter?! Please let me know if you know of any free ones.

Have an blessed day!