She’s 6 Months Already

I blinked and wow she’s already 6 months old! I about can’t believe it, seems like only yesterday  she was born. She keeps discovering new things, recognizing people and places… absolutely LOVES the outdoors and is quite happy to get lots of stroller rides. She gets so excited when she spots the puppy or kitty coming with us on a walk. Anything that moves or makes noise captures her attention.

On her 6 month birthday Julia and I tried to have a photo shoot with her outside but she was soo preoccupied with being outside plus it was extremely windy so we didn’t end up with alot of just great ones but I will post a few of the best ones.

6th month (5)

6th month (4)

These were taken inside out of the wind then…6th month (3) 6th month (2) 6th month (1)6th monthYes she is the most darling baby in the whole world I know 🙂 She warms my heart just looking at her. So much sweetness and cuteness all rolled up in one sweet lil human just never ceases to amaze me 😉

And here are some pictures of a few days before when she had her first tractor ride with her Daddy! He completely adores his lil angel!

5th Month (51) 5th Month (50)So yeah that’s pretty much what my life has been full of the last while 🙂 She is just a lil spoiled too :/ But I guess thats allowed for the first one, right?! 🙂

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