Petting Zoo

We have been wanting to take Shania to a Zoo this summer and we kept pushing it off until finally we decided to take the chance on the way home from Missouri a few weeks ago. We had planned to stop in at Grant’s Farm in St Louis but when we got there they had 45 min to 1 hr wait (in the sun) and this pregnant lady was not in the mood for that 🙁 so we decided to just head on home and try later. Once we left there we checked out google 😉 and found Lazy L Safari Park in Cape Girardeau and it was really close to the interstate anyway so we decided to stop in and check it out. They don’t have alot of animals but it was enough to satisfy Shania and give us a little break from traveling!

(1) editedThey had lots of deer, this one came walking right up to us!

(3) editedThe Camels were kinda ugly! It looked like they were in the middle of shedding 🙁

(7) edited

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 Watching all the deer…

(6) editedMany different kinds of goats. Riding on Daddys shoulders was of course the best view!

(11) edited

They were having quite the time of it!

(24) editedWe actually got her convinced to let a goat lick her hand! She still talks about it to this day 🙂

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So many beautiful birds! 

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 They even had a few Zebras!


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