New Years *2013*


Wow we are now in the New Year and this year I kinda got the feeling of having a brand new sheet to start with and its up to me how it turns out, will it be beautiful and full of ‘God’s fingerprints’ or will there be all kinds of ‘blots and stains’ of myself and my desires/wants?!

This past year has been full of changes for us and especially been a challenging year of finding my ‘niche’ (a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing) in life! I went from working away from home part time, to working from home part time, to totally quitting my job and being a Stay at home Mom. Talk about changes and challenges 🙂 but they have been good and God is so faithful and doesn’t give me more then I can bear!

Since moving to Tennessee we have been actively involved in getting our lil group grounded in God and what we want to stand for as a church. It is a challenge and has been a struggle for me at times but today I can truly say that I am excited for what the New Year holds and look forward to see where God will take us this year! The responsibility has especially been impressed on my mind more fully with having Shania. It makes ya stop and think about everything you do and believe in, how will I explain it to her once she is old enough to ask questions?!

I am not one to make alot of New Years Resolutions but this year I have a few things I want to focus on.

  •   One big thing is having my Personal alone time/devotions with God. I have really been struggling with taking the time to read God’s word and actually think about what I am reading so recently I saw on a blog where they had a support group/accountability for this very thing so I joined.  You can check it out at This has helped me to think about what I am reading and is also so encouraging to see what other people are reading and learning! 

  • I also want to focus on being a more positive person. Recently I heard it explained something like this; Whatever we think or do is either from God or the devil, there is no middle ground. So the challenge is to ask myself the question, WHO SAID IT?! Was it God or the devil?!! It really puts it in perspective and makes me think seriously about it!
  • The words we speak over ourselves or others are either a blessing or a curse on them/us. There is a spiritual battle going on in our life, if we say something positive the angels hear it and act upon it, if we say something negative the demons hear it and act upon it! I think we have no idea how much power there is in the tongue.  ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.’ Proverbs 18:21
  • I want to spend quality time with my family and be able to teach Shania the important things of life. I know this year especially is the year that she will be learning so many things and it is up to us as her parents to plant the seeds at a young age!

Wow well it looks to me like I have a HUGE responsibility in the year ahead!! Pray for me!


~Be the change you want to see in the world~


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