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newHey guys I’m finally back to blogging after being gone for a few weeks! My blog was being moved to this new sight and after taking a long time I finally got it up and running this weekend! I have missed not being able to post but I am planning to jump right back in and hopefully be updating it more then before!

So check back to see whats happening or better yet follow me to get updates whenever I post something new!

I am planning to try to post more recipes and also instructions on how to make the food so its as simple as possible for you to make it as well! If the instructions look too hard on any given recipe I give up even trying to make it :/ (lame I know) but hey I like simple and delicious so hopefully I can keep it simple enough for you too 🙂

And of course there will still have to be updates on my beautiful lil girl that is growing way too fast! 🙂 😉

Have a great day and as always,

be blessed


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