Love and Respect


Recently I have been reading the book called ‘Love and Respect’ written by Dr Emerson Eggerich and I have been so blessed and challenged by it! He has so much practical advice and it leaves me feeling challenged and inspired every time I read another chapter. This morning I came across the following chapter and I felt inspired to share it with ya’ll.

“Even secular research showed that the best marriage relationships have some conflict. It’s almost as if you need a degree of conflict to keep the passion there. The sequence seems to have the couple experience a misunderstanding; they have a minor argument, a bump of some kind. But as they work through this conflict, they deepen their understanding of each other and value and appreciate one another all the more as they reconcile the conflict.”

” Obviously, when the sparks fly and a couple has a conflict, serious or minor, there is a risk. It can go one of two ways. Sparks can cause a controllable fire that heats the house and makes things warm and comfortable.

Or sparks can set a wildfire that burns the house down. All married couples must realize that sparks are going to be there. The question is, how will you control them??”


I am committing to work on letting the sparks make a controllable fire that will heat our home and make it warm and comfortable not an uncontrollable fire that leaves eternal damages! Who’s with me?

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