Life’s Changes

Well life around here is quite different then it was a year ago! But I am so thankful God has blessed us soo richly! A year ago we were in Missouri yet and had no idea that we would be having a baby in 9 months happy  She has definitely changed our lives forever but in a good way! There are times that Owen and I talk about it and we wonder what in the world we used to do before Shania was born?! She is so sweet and we are so blessed to have such a sweet content baby!

The first month sure was full of adjustments and at times I’d sit here and cry and was totally overwhelmed! I was soo used to doing my own thing and not being interrupted and bang, one day that was all over. I had a baby that I had to nurse every 2 – 3 hours, change her diaper, figure out what was wrong when she cried, try to squeeze in a nap when she did, recuperate from the birth, get ready for my sisters wedding (was 10 days after Shania was born) and my brothers wedding, (18 days after Shania was born) do laundry, keep after the house, and work for Classic Buildings part time!! Needless to say I crashed! A few days after she was born I spent a whole day just crying! Thankfully my sister Julia was here the first week and a half every day to help me and she tried to help me that day, altho I think I pretty much freaked her out! I felt like I couldn’t even enjoy holding Shania cause I had to be working and I was still so wore out from the birth I wasn’t nearly fit to be doing anything! Thankfully I had a caring, understanding husband that listened and I ended up quitting that job! I really felt alot better after that and was able to enjoy her alot more! Here is a picture of our lil angel right after she was born!

She sucked her thumb almost immediately! And o the hair! I always ‘hoped’ my babies would have alot of dark hair when they were born but was almost afraid to hope! Well she had a head FULL of dark hair and oh such fat lil cheeks! I held her in awe and wonder. Was she actually our baby? But she’s too cute to be ours?! Wow God is soo good and we are so blessed! She was a big baby weighing 10 pounds 1 ounce, yes she had a big start. The birth, well lets just say it was no fun and not something we like thinking about a whole lot! But everyone was healthy and doing good in the end PTL.

Here is a picture of her at 1 month old.

And one when she was 2 months old

   Isn’t she just the CUTEST thing ever! I am so in love with her.

She is now 3 months old and is learning new things everyday. And such a joy and inspiration she is to me! I definitely have a different prospective on life then I ever did and it makes it alot more serious. Also knowing that once she’s old enough to ask questions I had better have the answers or she will find them somewhere else! *Scary thot*

God help me to be the kind of Mom to her that is there for her in the hard times of life when she most needs me and to teach her to want to love you and serve you!

Here is one picture of her 3 month pictures that Julia and I took. (more coming later, Julia is getting them to me any day)

So yeah my days are pretty full with loving on her happy

Have a great day!


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