Its a GIRL :)

Well so far the pregnancy has been going Great! After i hit the 2nd trimester the morning sickness left and i have felt really good! 🙂 Sometimes I’d almost forget i was pregnant lol but recently my bump has been getting bigger so its not really a problem remembering .

Last weekend we got to take and ultrasound in Nashville annddd he said ITS A GIRL 🙂 We are really excited and can’t wait to meet this lil sweetie that keeps growing deeper and deeper in our hearts! She is quite active and “Daddy” has been able to feel her alot recently! I have a feeling he will be a very protective Daddy and can’t wait to see him take care of her and grow closer to her! We’ve got a name picked out but that will be a secret till she’s born 🙂

Tomorrow i will be 26 weeks but according to the 2 ultrasounds we took they say she is measuring a week older so i am hoping that means she will come a lil early!!

So long…..


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