I’m Back

Hey guys its a beautiful day here in Tennessee, pretty hot and humid but makes for perfect swimming weather 🙂 I am happy to let you all know that I am back once again, at a new home for my website! As you will notice I am now at leahscooking.com instead of leahskitchen! I was able to sell that domain name to another lady named Leah that is starting a business.

We have been staying busy with all the summer work around here and of course discovering new things with Shania 🙂 She just cut her 2nd tooth on the bottom on Sunday so that was a pretty major thing around here as she could get quite irritable from time to time dealing with all the pains of that.

Here are a few pictures of some of her latest antics…

8 month 040Eating a banana alone..

8 month 039She is learning that she can get around 🙂

So yeah thats a lil what we’ve been up to… I am planning to be back to posting lots of good recipes for ya’ll to try in the very near future. Actually have a guest post coming out real soon so stay on the lookout 😉

Be blessed




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