Get Back Up Again

Tonight I was sitting here watching my 1 year old walking around, she has just been walking for around 2 weeks so there are still many tumbles. But it doesn’t make her go back to crawling, she gets right back up again and starts walking! It hurts when she takes another hard fall (now I understand why they learn to walk while they are still in diapers 🙂 ) but she learns from that and is getting better at balancing!

1 year (75)

Gotta love that chubby little belly hanging out 🙂

This got me to thinking about myself. How many times have I let the hardships of life drag me down and I stumble and fall and am so sick of it all that I just lay there wallowing in it for a few days?! That’s exactly where the devil wants me, and I’m not doing it any more! I’m getting right back up and moving on! God’s got a greater plan for my life then wallowing in my mud and feeling sorry for myself that life is hard!

Who’s with me?

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5 thoughts on “Get Back Up Again

  1. I don’t remember which blogger said it, but someone said that she gives herself a time limit for her pity party. When the time is up, its time to pick yourself up and move on.

    Your little one is very cute. And yes, their little tummies are so cute.

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