Cookie Exchange

Since these long dreary winter days have been getting to me I decided to have a cookie exchange the other week with some of my friends. It was a good excuse for us to get together to visit and catch up on each others lives plus try new cookies 🙂 I had each of them bring 3 dozen cookies then we split them up amongst each other 🙂

Cookie ExchangeAs you can see we had alot of delicious cookies 🙂 Definitely not good for the diet… :/ And we also enjoyed alot of time just talking and catching up… and eating some snacks I had prepared…

snacksVegetable Pinwheels, Pickle-Cheese-Ham rollups, coffee, and Hot Chocolate, by the time the pictures got taken the marshmallows had melted on the Hot Chocolate so it didn’t look very appetizing anymore but it was better then it looks 🙂

Thanks ladies for all your contribution, it sure made my day and week shorter! Its such a blessing to have friends and ‘sisters’ to spend time with that are an encouragement to me!

Oh and my sister Julia took the pictures so thats why they’re so good!

Be blessed


*** check back later for the recipe on the Cupcakes, they’re Pumpkin with Creme Cheese filling in the center. My hubby thot they were delicious 🙂

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