Contentment at each Stage in Life

images (8)This subject has been on my mind quite a bit recently and this morning as I was hanging out laundry I started thinking about it again.

In looking back over my life it seems like I have always been waiting for the next big thing to happen, then as soon as it did I couldn’t wait for the next thing…

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Here are just some of the things that I thot of that I couldn’t wait to happen…

I couldn’t wait till…

  • I could go to school
  • I could graduate school
  • Get my first job
  • Quit working full time
  • Start dating my dream guy
  • Get married to my dream guy
  • Get pregnant
  • Have the baby born

And even now I catch myself thinking I can’t wait till

  • Shania can sit
  • till she can crawl, walk, eat etc
  • we have all our kids (so I don’t have to think about the dreaded labor) :/

And all of a sudden I will wake up and our kids will all have grown and left home. Whoa hopefully thats a ways off 🙂


Now I don’t necessarily think these are all wrong, but I was just really challenged this morning that I am gonna quit wishing for the next good thing in my life and fully ENJOY and ‘live in the moment’ that God has me in right now!

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Just some of my ramblings…

Have a blessed day.


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