Christmas 2012 Memories

For Christmas we went to Brookfield to spend time with my family. It was soo good to all be together again and we made lots of good memories! I am posting some pictures of things that we did while we were there!

PicMonkey Collage2

Shania chilling with Aunt Julia and Uncle Dan on the long ride out there! She was a REALLY good traveler and slept most of the way tho!

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage1

The first two are Raelen and Kaecen Brown. Middle is Krysta and Kendra Myers and bottom is Malorie and Lauren Black. They were all quite excited to see Shania and had to take turns holding her! They were quite the babysitters 🙂 My Mom babysits for them so they are like a part of our family.

Christmas 098

This is a special picture to me, it’s my oldest niece holding Shania. She was the first niece for us so she was always extra spoiled.

Christmas 053Shania was often surrounded with adorers 🙂

PicMonkey Collage3The men helped Dad cut and stack wood on Monday. It was really cold outside but they toughed it out. Devon is in the skidloader, he’s the one that had a liver transplant the beginning of October. He’s not allowed to do much physical labor yet but he sure gets out and does what he can!

Christmas 2012 <3

Christmas 2012

This is our lil family Christmas morning! Our first Christmas with Shania.Christmas 145

Shania with her very first Christmas gift ever… a toy phone and a onesie that says, “I’d rather be shopping with my Mom” 🙂 I thought that was soo perfect! These were her gifts from Dana and Lori!.Christmas 168

And how could you not be in love with such a beautiful smile as this! This was her outfit for Christmas… I’m so in love with her!

PicMonkey Collage4This is just a lil bit of all the fattening, delicious  food we had there to eat. They’re Mocha Truffles and I’m not sure what the name is of the mice but they were both amazing!

Thats the Miller Family gathering, where theres always lots of noise, people, and food lol.


Following is some Memories from the Hostetler gathering…

PicMonkey Collage5Playing Apples to Apples, that was a well played game this Christmas. Us kids were in charge of supper one evening so here are some of them making parts of it. John and Tom were taking turns playing Bike Race on Dales Ipad allll weekend lol. Julia was working on the computer, or playing, were not really sure 🙂 and Dan is entertained on his phone :/

Christmas 202I just love this picture… He is so cute and mischievous and to watch him eat popcorn is so sweet, he daintily picks up one piece at a time and puts it in his mouth 🙂

PicMonkey Collage6Here they’re getting ready for a balloon race! Its was hilarious and i just have to laugh every time I watch the video I took of it 🙂 O and Dale is ‘wishing’ he was a football player I think lol.

Christmas 212

And what a better ending to this post then with a picture of our adorable sweetness 🙂 This was a gift from a friend and its so cozy and snuggly, I just love it!

Well hope you all have a great day!


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