Chicken and Rice

What is the first thing of think of when you think Chicken and Rice?

  • Comfort food?
  • Simple meal?
  • Delicious? 

I think all of the above apply to this recipe 🙂 At least for me! I have a love for chicken and rice the last while and my daughter loves it too so its a simple meal during the day when hubby is at work.

Chicken and Rice


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8 thoughts on “Chicken and Rice

  1. I like to make soup. Its easy and you can do it in the morning and let it cook all day in the crock. I don’t usually pre cook my veggies but that might just be the trick I have been looking for to add flavor. Think I will give it a try. “)
    Thanks Leah!

  2. That is on my menu for today. It was supposed to be crock pot but I never got the thing going. And I am away from home all day so I guess I need to come up with plan B. I love chicken and rice!

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