Homemade Baby Wipes

Whew! Are you about wore out from all the Christmas excitement? Food? Parties? Etc… 

I am ready for winter to slow down how it used to when I was a kid, only then I was wishing it wouldn’t be such a dead time of the year lol, my how times change!

Today I am excited to be sharing a non food related recipe with you! Homemade Baby Wipes

Who wants more food after all those snacks at Christmas anyway?!

Homemade Baby Wipes

Click here to head over to Woman to Woman to see the recipe for these amazing Homemade Baby Wipes!

3 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Time

Do you hate being in the kitchen?

Do you struggle with what to cook?

Are you tired of the kitchen always being messy and having counters full of dirty dishes?

Then this is for you!

Today I am sharing 3 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Time and to make it enjoyable to be cooking and baking. After all if the kitchen is in use the house will usually have great smells wafting through the air 🙂 

3 ways to maximize kitchen time

  1. Decide what you will be cooking or baking the evening before and lay out the ingredients, especially if you need something out of the freezer. If you thaw it overnight it will be ready to go first thing in the morning! Need inspirations or ideas? Check out my recipes on my blog or my Pinterest page also has alot of delicious looking recipes. I can’t promise how the ones on Pinterest will turn out as I haven’t tried them all but I do know the ones on my blog are Awesome 🙂 
  2. Start out with a clean counter and clean up after yourself as you go. There is nothing I hate worse then finally being done cooking and have to spend another hour cleaning up 🙁
  3. Keep it simple. Especially if you have kids demanding your attention… Sometimes I love planning a fancy dinner for us and going all out with the decorating, but for the most part, I try to stick to simple and delicious meals that don’t take alot of time…

These are pretty simple and straight forward ways to get in and out of the kitchen, but I find that they make a difference for me!

Chime in:

What are some tips that you use to Maximize your time in the kitchen?

3 P’s = Purpose-Perspective-Persistence

Good morning friends,

This morning I am in awe of God’s faithfulness to me once again! As I was having my alone time with God, it seemed like He was just opening His floodgates for me and showing me so many promises and so much that I need to change to be closer to Him. I am so thankful that He keeps showing me these areas and keeps trimming away at self, and making me to be more like Jesus. O how He loves me!

As you probably already know from my recent posts, I am doing the Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries right now and we are going through Lysa Terkeurst’s book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways. And to say I have been challenged is an understatement! If you are looking for a new devotional I would highly recommend this book! Just click on the above link and order your copy today.

So on to the bible study challenge for today;

We are in chapter 6 and the title of the Chapter:

‘If it Were Easy, It Wouldn’t Be Worth Doing’

Radical obedience is born out of delight, not duty.

It seems that when the going gets rough its so easy for me to say, thats all I can give right now, God. I can’t handle more and then I just start holding back. However, today I am instead choosing to say, Yes God, I am willing to go through this trial, knowing that you are Ultimately working it out to glorify you and essentially for my good! 

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28

I also did a study on the 3 P’s, and wow what a challenge!

3 p's


noun: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists
verb: have as ones intentions or objective


noun: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view
synonmyns to this word are: outlook, viewpoint, attitude, point of view, approach, way of looking


noun: firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

Where is my Purpose?

Today I choose to make it my purpose to listen to God and say Yes, even when it seems impossible. Even if it hurts, because I KNOW God is ultimately working it for my good. Romans 8:28

How is my Perspective?

I change my perspective from ‘I can’t’, to “I WILL”. You will give me the strength I need.

How can I refocus to be more Persistent?

Though none go with me, still I will follow. Even if it gets hard and at times seems impossible, “I WILL” keep on saying #yestoGod and keep serving Him. He is the only one worth pursuing. I will not let naysayers or ‘fear of people’ stop me from following with my whole heart!



That’s my decision. Who’s with me? 

Chime in;

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, how you are changing your purpose, perspective and being persistent?!

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