My Big Girl is Two

Ahh finally,  yes I am finally posting pictures of her birthday party! Almost 4 months behind I know, but better late then never πŸ™‚

We had a birthday party planned for her the evening of her birthday, but as you know her little brother decided it was time to be born that very evening so we had to postpone the party for a few days! What’s better then getting a brother for your birthday gift anyway?!? πŸ™‚

It was just too hard to pick photos to post so I finally settled on the ones below, there’s a bunch so hopefully you won’t get bored!


Its still kind of hard to believe we already have a 2 year old!

We always like to give her the birthday gifts from us before everyone else shows up at the party because then there’s soo many gifts and we don’t really have the satisfaction of seeing her reaction to what we picked out for her! We gave them to her the morning of her birthday, so technically she did have a ‘little’ party on her special day.

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Her huge doll from Mommy and Daddy! Its bigger then a newborn but very lightweight! This was an awesome deal at a Kids Consignment Sale for $3 and there was just no way I could pass it up even tho she really didn’t ‘need’ another doll!! But seriously, can a little girl have too many dolls? πŸ˜‰ She was thrilled!

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Writing and drawing are some of her favorite pastimes, the one side is a chalk board and the other side is a dry erase board. She has spent countless hours playing with it.

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And… Her pink Camo recliner πŸ™‚ Daddy picked it out for her and it has been well used! 

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“I can sit on my chair and write on the white board all at the same time”

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This is her adorable Princess Cake decorated by Aunt Julia! We were soo pleased with how it turned out.

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 All dressed up and ready for the party.

Kitten blanket collage

I didn’t take the time to post pictures of all the gifts she got, there were a bunch! But the expressions we captured when she saw her kitty blanket were just too good to resist! Kittens are her favorite animal and she was beside herself with joy when she saw the blanket! She had to run over and kiss it πŸ™‚

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 This is probably been her most played with birthday gift! From her cousin Amy, it says some Spanish words and recently she walks around saying, Ola, Ola πŸ™‚         (Hello)

Eating cake

Enjoying the cake πŸ™‚

 photoshoot looking at books

Julia got to have a photo shoot with her on her birthday and she cooperates so much better for pictures if she’s alone with Julia. I was so happy with the results πŸ™‚ Books and Kitties, who wouldn’t be happy πŸ™‚

photoshoot fav collage

Ahh yes, melt my heart! That adorable lil girly I get to call my own! She is such a burst of energy (and emotions) but I truly cannot imagine life without her! Thank you Jesus for allowing us the privilege of caring for one of your sweet children.

New Life

It’s been quite a while since I have been on here… I would apologize but there is really no reason to because sometimes life happens and we have to chose the important things and leave the rest.

I was pregnant for what seemed like a very long time in my mind. This pregnancy was a little harder then the first one and it seemed like I never felt completely good the whole time. But finally 8 days past my due date we had an adorable baby boy! And he was born on his sisters 2nd birthday! What a nice birthday gift πŸ™‚  He was quite big and chubby and we all fell in love with him.

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Shania spent the night with Uncle Dan and Aunt Julia and got to come the next morning and meet her little baby brother! She was so excited when she saw him but wasn’t quite sure how to process it all. She quickly became very protective of him tho.

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Helping him have his first bath…

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Helping mommy burp him…

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He had pretty bad Jaundice for a few days so we put him under these lights to help get it corrected, she wanted to be like the baby too πŸ™‚

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Just chilling with Daddy…

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My mom got to spend a week here with us and we all really enjoyed it! Shania loved getting to know her better too!

nwbrn (62) editedIn case I have been boring you with all my awesome pictures, here is a final collage of my sweet little prince!

PicMonkey CollageOh but wait, there’s one more, I’m sure you wanted to see his birth announcement yet πŸ˜‰

Dustin announcement

Catch up Brag Post

It seems like this year has been busy and blogging has kinda been the last thing on my mind, but sometimes ya gotta just stop and take time to show a few adorable pictures of this little – big girl that keeps our life so interesting around here! She is definitely all girl and we can’t imagine what we did before she came into our lives. She keeps us smiling, sometimes shaking our heads in wonder at her latest antics, and does know how to try out our discipline areas as well!


 Watching the parade in town, she was in awe of all the different sites and especially loved all the candy they passed around!


 She was so tired she lay asleep on the couch and fell asleep with her baby, that seldom happens, we usually have to rock her for a while!


 Her expression says it all in this picture! We had this swing sitting on the porch for a few weeks waiting for a chance to put it up and she would ask for it about every day, finally one day we just went and put it up and this was her expression on the first ride! She can hardly get enough rides and when we drive out the lane she has to wave bye-bye to the swing. πŸ™‚


 One baby is no longer enough!


 Helping Mom wash strawberries. Playing in water is one of her favorite things to do!


 I didn’t know they like coloring and writing at such a young age?! This color book and colors has entertained her for hours, yes almost every page has scribbles on it, but that doesn’t matter πŸ™‚


 The pool wasn’t cleaned out yet but we had a lot of fun splashing in this tub of water and taking the baby in it too!


 You know its been a long day shopping when she falls asleep and we put her in the shopping cart and she keeps sleeping the entire time we’re shopping!


 Its alot more fun playing with play dough when Daddy joins in and helps make all sorts of interesting critters and even gets the tractors out! 


 Making Snowmen, kitties, and all sorts of fun stuff!


 We spent a week at my parents and she was quite intrigued with baby Evan getting a bottle. She still looks at the picture and says, “Baby”


 While we wait on Aunt Julia to get done with Therapy we clown around in the car with Daddy’s sunglasses. Her big grin is just priceless here!


 Our first time in the pool this year, she loved it!


 Combing the porcelain kitties hair.


 She got her bag of hair accessories and sat down and was busy combing hair for a while πŸ™‚


 And ever since Aunt Julia had ACL surgery she is all intrigued with therapy and loves helping Julia get settled in the chair with pillow, ice packs and a towel. She was grunting and moaning around like her leg really hurt, and her baby had to be right there with her thru it all! She is quite the drama queen!

So now you can see we are quite busy with all her antics and quite in love with her!

These pictures were all taken with my phone so that is why they are a little fuzzy.

5 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season

Since we live in an old house that has many issues with insulation I have been dealing with having a sick baby way more then I like. She isn’t ‘sick sick’ but just enough that we seem to be dealing with sniffles, sore throats, and coughs quite frequently.

So here are a “5 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season” that I have been gathering that I am wanting to use to help fight off that flu bugs and make them want to stay far away from this Mama πŸ™‚ 

5 ways to prepare for flu season

  1. Build up their immune system… Vitamin C, calcium, fruits, veggies… 
  2. Keep medicines and tissues in abundance… I prefer the most natural way possible and recently learned of an essential oil that is 100% natural (no fillers whatsoever) that is supposed to be great at fighting off flu’s and preventing them so its been ordered and is on the way to my place at the moment. I will let you know how I like it once I have tried it. Its called doTerra OnGuard Essential Oil . ** 
  3. Keep them warm… Since our floor is always cold its mandatory to wear socks. I even found these cool little Skidproof Shoes at Big Lots that help keep her from sliding around on the slippery flooring we have and help keep her feet warm at the same time! I of course found some that were alot more girlish but this was the only picture they had on their website..    sneakers
  4. Stay caught up on sleep as much as possible… If we have a rough night I will often just sit down and hold her for a while until she goes back to sleep. Its alot easier to do that if I am not already way behind in sleep. When they take a nap during the day, drop everything and join them! It will make the world of a difference.
  5. Remember they are only young once… Take the time to cherish each moment, one day you will look back and miss those cuddles, snotty noses, sound of them saying Mommy, kisses, hugs etc etc.

**I am leary of alot of Essential Oils because of what all they put in them and for many other reasons but since this one was 100% natural we felt comfortable giving it a try.

What are some ways you get thru all the winter bugs? I would like more ideas πŸ™‚ 

Baby’s First Birthday

Once again I am waayy behind the times but I have been so busy posting recipes that I never got around to sharing Shania’s 1st birthday party pictures or more of the adorable pictures that we got on her one year photoshoot! Its been over 2 months already but she is soo cute I’m pretty sure you won’t mind looking at them now πŸ™‚

Moms 1 yr party wmSince Grandma and Grandpa Miller live so far away in Missouri and couldn’t be here for the special day, Grandma bought some cupcakes a few days early when we happened to be at the same place and we had a little party then πŸ™‚

Sigh, now I miss my mom πŸ™

But, back to the actual birthday party…

1st bday gift wm

We wanted to see her expression when she opened the gift we gave her and were afraid if we’d wait till everyone was here she would feel a little overwhelmed. She has spent many hours playing with this piano and loves dancing to the songs!

1st bday cake n decor wmI wanted cupcakes for her to eat and so I decided to just make the shape of a 1 with the cupcakes for the guests. I bought the cups, plates, napkins and balloons at Dollar Tree. I thought they were quite pretty for the price. The balloon is supposed to look like a flower… Pinterest idea πŸ™‚ 

1st bday eating cake wmAnd… finally eating her cake! We lit the candle but she was not very impressed with it. She was half surprised that she was actually allowed to tear into it and eat it all by herself!

October 2013 137editedI’m having a party!

October 2013 150 editedGettin some lovin’ from Daddy and Mommy πŸ™‚

And now for the 1 year photoshoot… Photo Credit to Capturing Jewels

October 2013 186We started out good…

October 2013 198 2So adorable <3

October 2013 214I’m tired of sitting in that thing, can I get out and push?!!

October 2013 262She was cheesing, squinting from the sun, and being ornery all in one shot.

October 2013 269Love the lighting on this one. Think she was trying to get away from the camera lol.

And the next few show precisely the mood she was in when we were trying our hardest to get pictures with smiles

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October 2013 276 not smiling

October 2013 288 ..And finally on the ride in to the house she starts cracking herself up. We laughed so hard and so she just kept on doing it.

October 2013 316


October 2013 318


October 2013 309


October 2013 311She has been showing her own temperaments so much more and is becoming quite the lil smarty! As you can tell, there is never a dull moment when she is around πŸ™‚


Get Back Up Again

Tonight I was sitting here watching my 1 year old walking around, she has just been walking for around 2 weeks so there are still many tumbles. But it doesn’t make her go back to crawling, she gets right back up again and starts walking! It hurts when she takes another hard fall (now I understand why they learn to walk while they are still in diapers πŸ™‚ ) but she learns from that and is getting better at balancing!

1 year (75)

Gotta love that chubby little belly hanging out πŸ™‚

This got me to thinking about myself. How many times have I let the hardships of life drag me down and I stumble and fall and am so sick of it all that I just lay there wallowing in it for a few days?! That’s exactly where the devil wants me, and I’m not doing it any more! I’m getting right back up and moving on! God’s got a greater plan for my life then wallowing in my mud and feeling sorry for myself that life is hard!

Who’s with me?

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Icing anyone? Its oh so good and a must try recipe this fall!

  • Fall,
  • Pumpkin,
  • Coffee,
  • Hot Chocolate,
  • Warm fires,
  • Longer evenings.

Yes I am loving this time of the year πŸ™‚ 
Hunting season not so much cause it takes away from the longer evenings, but guess what??!! My hubby is making an enclosed tree stand that is insulated and all so hopefully Shania and I will be able to go with him soon and not freeze πŸ™‚ Thats exciting, cause I hate getting cold!!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies


Hey its Tasty Tuesdays again so pop on over to Woman to Woman to check out this amazing recipe!

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Here is a picture of our walk the other day, doesn’t she have the cutest lil hat?! πŸ™‚