Catching Up

Well it has been a few months since i have updated this. Our lives have changed quite a bit in the last several months and it looks like they will continue to change even more in the next few months!!

First of all we are very excited to say that we are PREGNANT 🙂 We are still trying to soak it all in sometimes that its actually real and two weeks ago we saw our first ultrasound and were just amazed at how much they kick around in there and are so active! Makes ya feel so small that God blessed us with such an amazing miracle! We are hoping to find out what the gender is of the baby in several weeks. The first couple months i was pretty nauseous and had no desire to look at food or eat it but at about 14 weeks it got better and now its so much better! Praise God!

In three weeks from today Dan and Julia are getting married so we are trying to help them get ready for that and then Julia will be moving in to Tennessee after the wedding so it will seem different around here without her.

We are also planning to move back to Tennessee this summer as well. Owen will be excavating and helping out on the farm when they need help. Its exciting to be starting a new chapter in our life but at the same time there will be lots of adjustments and things that we don’t even realize! But God is faithful and will be there for us every step of the way!

I am in the process of training someone to take my place at work right now so I am hoping to be done there in a few weeks and then i am planning to take it easy for a few days and then start with all the packing etc 🙂

Well thats pretty much whats going on here.

God Bless ~Leah

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