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It seems like this year has been busy and blogging has kinda been the last thing on my mind, but sometimes ya gotta just stop and take time to show a few adorable pictures of this little – big girl that keeps our life so interesting around here! She is definitely all girl and we can’t imagine what we did before she came into our lives. She keeps us smiling, sometimes shaking our heads in wonder at her latest antics, and does know how to try out our discipline areas as well!


 Watching the parade in town, she was in awe of all the different sites and especially loved all the candy they passed around!


 She was so tired she lay asleep on the couch and fell asleep with her baby, that seldom happens, we usually have to rock her for a while!


 Her expression says it all in this picture! We had this swing sitting on the porch for a few weeks waiting for a chance to put it up and she would ask for it about every day, finally one day we just went and put it up and this was her expression on the first ride! She can hardly get enough rides and when we drive out the lane she has to wave bye-bye to the swing. 🙂


 One baby is no longer enough!


 Helping Mom wash strawberries. Playing in water is one of her favorite things to do!


 I didn’t know they like coloring and writing at such a young age?! This color book and colors has entertained her for hours, yes almost every page has scribbles on it, but that doesn’t matter 🙂


 The pool wasn’t cleaned out yet but we had a lot of fun splashing in this tub of water and taking the baby in it too!


 You know its been a long day shopping when she falls asleep and we put her in the shopping cart and she keeps sleeping the entire time we’re shopping!


 Its alot more fun playing with play dough when Daddy joins in and helps make all sorts of interesting critters and even gets the tractors out! 


 Making Snowmen, kitties, and all sorts of fun stuff!


 We spent a week at my parents and she was quite intrigued with baby Evan getting a bottle. She still looks at the picture and says, “Baby”


 While we wait on Aunt Julia to get done with Therapy we clown around in the car with Daddy’s sunglasses. Her big grin is just priceless here!


 Our first time in the pool this year, she loved it!


 Combing the porcelain kitties hair.


 She got her bag of hair accessories and sat down and was busy combing hair for a while 🙂


 And ever since Aunt Julia had ACL surgery she is all intrigued with therapy and loves helping Julia get settled in the chair with pillow, ice packs and a towel. She was grunting and moaning around like her leg really hurt, and her baby had to be right there with her thru it all! She is quite the drama queen!

So now you can see we are quite busy with all her antics and quite in love with her!

These pictures were all taken with my phone so that is why they are a little fuzzy.

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