Being a Mom is teaching me…

These are the days I want to store in my memory box so I never forget them. Yes they are hectic and overwhelming at times, but I keep reminding myself that all too soon they will be over and I will look back and wish I had enjoyed them a little more. So although my blog is suffering currently (I think of many things that I could write about but finding the time to do it is a different story) I am just here making memories and spending alot of time playing on the floor 🙂

being a mom is teaching me

Recently I have been thinking about all the things ‘Being a Mom has been teaching me…’ I had a lot of preconceived ideas and big words before having kids, and I still have high ideals about how I want my kids to grow up but sometimes its the little things that are hard to swallow and say, okay that really isn’t gonna matter in 10 years. It hasn’t always been easy but every day we keep learning 🙂 (that’s the important part right?)

  • your kids actually do survive without a bath every evening (shocker right :p )
  • a toy strewn living room is not actually a dirty house
  • dirty dishes on the counter overnight is not gonna kill anyone (Okay I am still trying to learn this one… I HATE coming out to the kitchen in the morning with a counter full of dirty dishes) Just ask Owen :p
  • there isn’t a specific laundry day, you do laundry (1) when the drawers are empty of clean clothes, (2) when its sunny, or (3) when there is a dirty outfit that you really wanted to wear… and many times you only do 1-2 loads per day and feel like you are doing laundry all week 🙂
  • you discover that your whole house does not HAVE to be cleaned every week, or even all in one day (yes I hate cleaning and I’m sure there’s people that don’t agree with this one 🙂 That’s okay, I’m figuring out what works for our family) When the cleaning mood strikes I attack it viciously and we may have a clean bathroom on Monday, and a clean kitchen on Thursday. 🙂

Those are only a few of the many things I have been learning… What are things that you have learned since having kids? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Being a Mom is teaching me…

  1. Yes! I love it! ! This is totally me!!!im learning the perfect/ideal home is not really one where its always clean and the decor is perfect… its one where there is love and happiness and signs of it everywhere… dirt, toy strewn, mud stained shirts (ur lil boy will teach you hehe) even eating mud doesn’t kill anyone.. ask Riley☺ and dirty dishes… how i hate them… but they mean we have had plenty of food to eat=we are blessed! Ps i cannot wait till we move and i have a dishwasher

  2. Some good observations there, Leah! Being a mom teaches you to roll with the punches. I’ve come up with a semblance of schedule for our family, such as bath nights 3 evenings a week. (Tues., Thurs,. and Sat.) With summer coming on, we wash feet other nights if needed. On Monday, I like to wash up all the dress clothes we used over the weekend, and put everything back into the closets, including a clean pair of socks with the dress shoes. Other days, I wash as needed, but Friday is the big catch up day! And at any given moment, there are dirty dishes on the counter, toys and even dirt on the floor, but we survive quiet well. 🙂

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