A Good Mom

Life keeps going, changes keep coming, and I keep trying to adapt. Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle another change in my schedule but somehow God knows I can handle it when He decides to send me yet another challenge! I love the promise that He will not give us more then we can bear… sometimes I think He forgot that promise but later in looking back I realize it was good for me!

I thought getting married was a change and it was, but having a baby changed my life so much more 🙂 I wouldn’t trade her for the world believe me, but she sure has changed everything about life as we knew it previously! But having her sick has brought on a whole new dimension of change! There comes a time when you just sit and hold her and forget about the counter strewn with dirty dishes, or the fact that church is scheduled to be here on Sunday and the whole house has yet to be cleaned. But this stage will pass so I am concentrating on enjoying it as much as possible. Found this quote this morning and I thought it fit pretty good to what I am facing today.



Here is a picture of my miserable lil girl, she couldn’t even open her eyes alone this morning cause of all the pus in them.

Sick BabyJust looking at this picture breaks my heart 🙁 Will you pray with me that she gets better fast?!

Be blessed



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